Lover From Photography: Helmut Newton

Lover From Photography: Helmut Newton
Lover From Photography: Helmut Newton

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Helmut Newton (10/31/1920 - 01/23/2004) can be called a great photographer without flattery. His work reflected the entire development of photography in the 20th century, both technical and stylistic, and in many ways he himself began to set the style in this art form, becoming famous. Eroticism and culture shock are the first things that Newton's work is remembered for.

He does not accept work in the studio and does not accept reportage, unprepared shooting.

He ditches lighting fixtures, but uses new flashes over and over again.

He spares the models and instead of a living woman, mannequins are chained to the railing of a bridge in the rain, but you cannot distinguish a live woman from an artificial one in the photograph.

He takes shots that would do honor to the Marquis de Sade, but not a single model complained about working with a photographer and not a single woman was outraged by the plot of the photographs. The men were shocked.

Moreover, his first (!) Personal exhibition took place when he was … 55 years old.

Helmut Neustadter was born in Berlin in 1920. His mother, Clara Neustadter, from childhood instilled in her son Helmut the idea that he was an extraordinary child. She loved to tell him a "terrible secret" about his birth: as a baby he was allegedly found on the porch of the house wrapped in a diaper "with an embroidered crown and aristocratic initials." Of course, it was all fiction.

Helmut was born into a wealthy Jewish family. His parents, Max and Klara Neustadter, owned a button factory, lived in a spacious apartment, kept a servant and a chauffeur. Helmut recalled that as a child he saw the world around him only through the car window. The father saw him as the successor of his work, because there was no hope for the eldest son. But the younger one would not have justified them, even if the family's business had not been destroyed by the Second World War.

The main motive of Helmut Newton's creativity - when he already takes this pseudonym and can shoot what he wants - will be a woman. Moreover, he will forever remember two images: the always elegantly dressed mother and the main city prostitute, whom his brother showed to little Helmut.

Helmut Newton started taking photographs with two photographers - or rather, he only assisted, observing the work. And he had already begun to shoot in the studio of the fashion photographer Iva (Elsa Simon), then famous in Berlin, who was also interested in erotic photography and was very scandalous for her time. Until the forced emigration in 1938, Helmut Newton worked as her assistant.

Then he left for Singapore, where he lived at the expense of his mistresses, tried to work as a photographer - an ordinary photographer in the studio, took portraits. I dreamed of working for Vogue. Met his future wife June Brunnel. And then Helmut received a long-awaited offer from Vogue, and together with his wife they moved first to London and then to Paris.

The 60s are the heyday of Helmut Newton's creativity. His name is already becoming known. His works adorn the pages of Playboy, Elle, Vogue, Marie-Claire, Stern, Nova, Queen, Harper's Bazaar and other popular magazines. Newton's works range from traditional fashion photography to sketches using nude, from eroticism before thinking about death, his work is recognized as a characteristic reflection of mid-20th century Western decadence.

In the period from 60 to 80 years Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and others posed for him. It was at this time that his unique style was formed. Newton's photographs are a sophisticated report on the life of the beau monde, a kind of cut, or even an autopsy of it in all its glamor and depravity. Money, sexuality, society, power, fame - these are what he reflects in his photographs, even if he photographs nude.

“I am interested in power - be it sexual or political. In my work, I mock mass culture, which has created a conveyor designed to regulate and direct desire. Although I find it difficult to distance myself from this style of thinking: in my own photographic fantasies I find traits of manipulation and staging in abundance, but in real life I tirelessly fight this atrocious machine: for fifty years now I have been living with a normal woman, "said Helmut Newton in an interview.

In fashion photography and advertising photography, it is difficult to invent something new. But even at the beginning of the 21st century, Newton managed to find unique moves - his "Autoerotic", created by him for Volkswagen, was called by critics a new shagos in advertising photography. Newton's photographs are instantly recognizable, so unique and individual is his style, which is constantly evolving.

Sharpness and clarity of lines is a sign of his photographs. Even with the advent of color and digital photography, Helmut Newton remained faithful to the sharpness of monochrome, painting sharp silhouettes. He created inimitable series: "Dressed and Nude", striking the clarity of the photographic director's work; a series in which both women and men were portrayed by women - however, as he himself believed, he did not succeed in this series, the models were capricious and did not want to act as men. However, it is the frame from this series "Difficult Decision", shot within the fashionable set of Yves Saint Laurent, is considered one of the masterpieces of Newtonian creativity.

At the age of 83, Helmut Newton died in a car accident.


A Difficult Decision

1975 Yves St. Laurent, rue Aubriot, French Vogue, Paris.


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