Swiss Watchmaker Sues Actress Charlize Theron Over Watch Advertising

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Swiss Watchmaker Sues Actress Charlize Theron Over Watch Advertising
Swiss Watchmaker Sues Actress Charlize Theron Over Watch Advertising
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The Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil has sued actress Charlize Theron for breach of contract. According to the company, Theron has violated the obligation to appear in public only in the company's watches. The lawsuit was sent to a New York court.

Oscar winner Charlize Theron has been the face of the Swiss firm since 2005, FactNews reports, citing the Guardian. Like a good watch, said then CEO of Raymond Weil, Olivier Bernheim, it embodies "beauty, style and perfection", promising "a moment of pure magic, where time seems to disappear into thin air." However, 18 months later, relations between Theron and Bernheim soured after pictures of Charlize wearing a competitor's watch appeared on the Internet.

As it turned out, Theron signed a contract with Christian Dior and appeared in photographs taken during the Austin Film Festival in March last year, wearing a watch from this company. "She signed an exclusive contract," said Raymond Weil's attorney David Yaroslavich. "She was paid very well for it … and she violated the basic condition."

While the amount of the claim has not been disclosed, however, attorney Raymond Weil told the New York Sun, the firm plans at least to compensate for the costs (about $ 20 million) for the advertising campaign with Theron's participation.

31-year-old Theron has been working with Dior for quite some time. In 2005, she signed a 3 million contract with the company and became the face of the J`adore fragrance. In addition to perfumery, Charlize also advertises the company's clothing and jewelry.


Charlize Theron was born in South Africa. She studied ballet professionally, and at the age of 14 she became a fashion model.

In her youth, Charlize Theron experienced a terrible tragedy. Her mother, in self-defense, stabbed the girl's father. At that time, Charlize was 16 years old. She decided to leave for Milan and start living on her own, becoming a model. However, the modeling business did not appeal to Charlize for long, she returned to ballet and moved to New York. There she danced in the Joffrey Ballet troupe, but due to a knee injury she had to abandon her career as a dancer.

At the age of eighteen, Charlize Theron, at the insistence of her mother, went to Hollywood to try her hand at acting. Two weeks later, the unknown blonde was noticed by the producer, who advised her to attend acting classes. Eight months later, Charlize got her first role - in the movie Children of the Corn-3. After that, Charlize starred in the action movie "Two Days in the Valley" and in the directorial debut of Tom Hanks "What You Do". A year later, Charlize got a prominent role in the thriller "The Devil's Advocate".

The popular actress has created vivid images in the films "Mighty Joe Young", "The Astronaut's Wife", "Winemaker Rules", "Gambling", "Head in the Clouds", "Sweet November", "Monster" and others. The actress did not become hostage to the image of an attractive blonde charming men. Her challenging role as a lesbian killer in Monster is a stark contrast to anyone else's. In an unattractive, rude, desperate woman, many did not immediately recognize the beautiful Charlize. The actress won an Oscar for her brilliant performance in this film.

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