Sharon Stone Does Not Lend Itself To Aging

Sharon Stone Does Not Lend Itself To Aging
Sharon Stone Does Not Lend Itself To Aging
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Hollywood star Sharon Stone is successfully fighting signs of age. So successful that she can afford to wear a tight-fitting mini dress in a bright color. For a charity evening at the Hilton, held under the auspices of the Los Angeles Gay Lesbian Center, the actress arrived in the famous among Hollywood divas model of a dress from Herve Leger in a coral shade with a revealing neckline on the back.

Few ladies over the age of fifty can afford a tight and short dress. And Sharon Stone is one of those lucky ones. But you can't please journalists. American and British tabloids criticized the actress's outfit, noting that Stone would have liked a good, hearty dinner. Sharon's bones are too bulging.

Stone recently announced that she intended to write a book. But unlike her colleagues, she is not going to write a memoir. “It won't be an autobiographical book,” says Sharon. - Although everyone expects this from the stars. And there will be nothing about the film industry either. The behind-the-scenes look is a trendy topic, but not mine. I will write a series of short thrillers - scary stories. And in this regard, I will a little repeat the on-screen fate of my heroine Catherine Tramell."

“A tight dress, an overly slim figure and a fluffy hairstyle - and as a result, Sharon achieved the effect of" lollipop "- writes the Daily Mail. - That unaesthetic appearance, when a large head is disproportionate to a miniature figure.

However, the "protruding bones" did not prevent the actress from fulfilling her duties at the party. The Basic Instinct star held a charity auction as part of an Evening with Women: Art, Music and Equality event, which was a charity event. The proceeds from the lots put up at the impromptu auction will be donated to the Lesbian Gay Center Foundation. This organization conducts human rights advocacy and educational activities. In particular, it develops programs in the field of women's health and provides support to lesbian families. By the way, such celebrities as Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Pink and others donated their personal belongings to the auction.

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