Parlan Drops Second L'Officiel Lawsuit

Parlan Drops Second L'Officiel Lawsuit
Parlan Drops Second L'Officiel Lawsuit
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Parlan Publishing has waived its claims against Ping-Pong Communications. The Moscow Arbitration Court has terminated the proceedings on this claim, RAPSI reports.

Parlan was seeking recognition of the right to publish L'Officiel magazine in Russia. The reasons why the publisher dropped the claim are not known. This was stated by a lawyer representing the interests of the plaintiff. The third party in the proceedings was New Sovereign Ltd.

In July 2011, the Moscow Arbitration Court suspended proceedings on another Parlan claim - against the companies of the AST publishing group. The co-responders were Premiere Media, AST-Release Holdings Ltd and Advanced Achievement Books Publishers Ltd. Rospatent, Roskomnadzor and the owners of Les Editions Jalou magazine participated as third parties.

The case was suspended pending the entry into force of the decision to be taken by the commercial court of Paris on the claim of Les Editions Jalou against Parlan Publishing.

Let us remind you that the conflict between the French company and the Parlan publishing house has been going on for the second year. Parlan is trying to protect its licensing rights to publish the Russian version of the magazine, and Les Editions Jalou is trying to recognize the unilateral refusal to execute the license agreement as legitimate.

Since 1997, L'Officiel in Russia has been publishing the Parlan Publishing House. ED's license contract with Les Editions Jalou expired in 2012. However, in April 2010, the French announced that after the end of the contract, the rights to publish the Russian version would be transferred to Premier Media (part of the AST group). A month later, Parlan president Yevgeny Zmievets fired Evelina Khromchenko, editor-in-chief of the Russian L'Officiel, and appointed his wife Maria Nevskaya to this position.

In response, Les Editions Jalou took steps to protect its interests in Russia and decided to early terminate the contract with Parlan - in August 2010. Khromchenko became editor-in-chief of the new L'Officiel and international editorial director of the French publishing house.

In the fall of 2010, Parlan filed a lawsuit with the Moscow Arbitration Court against companies included in AST (Premiere Media, AST-Release Holdings Ltd, Advanced Achievement Books Publishers Ltd) to ban the publication of media under the name L'Officiel de lcouture et de lmode de Paris. Parlan has secured the adoption of interim measures prohibiting AST from obtaining the rights to the L'Officiel trademark and registering a media with that name.

In the summer of 2011, the Cassation Court of the Moscow District lifted the ban on the publication of the L'Officiel magazine by the AST group.

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