When Will Evelina Khromchenko Return To L`Officiel?

When Will Evelina Khromchenko Return To L`Officiel?
When Will Evelina Khromchenko Return To L`Officiel?

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The scandalous story around the former editor-in-chief of the L'Officiel fashion magazine Evelina Khromchenko continues. Evelina's fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the Russian edition under her leadership. However, when will the magazine go on sale? So far, we can only guess.

At the moment, the Russian version of L`Officiel is published by the Parlan company. As you know, in May, the president of the company, Yevgeny Zmievets, fired Evelina Khromchenko, who headed the magazine since his arrival in Russia, and appointed his wife Maria Nevskaya to this position. Les Editions Jalou (owners of the publication) was forced to "take steps to protect their interests in Russia" and decided to terminate the contract with Parlan ahead of schedule.

At the end of August it became known that L`Officiel in Russia was changing its publisher. The owners of the publication decided to cooperate with the "AST" group. Khromchenko was appointed editor-in-chief of the new L'Officiel and international editorial director of the French publishing house.

However, the fashion magazine "AST" was not published. In mid-October, Parlan Publishing CJSC filed a lawsuit with the Moscow Arbitration Court against the companies belonging to AST, banning the publication of media outlets under the name L`Officiel de lcouture et de lmode de Paris. "Parlan" achieved the adoption of interim measures prohibiting "AST" from obtaining the rights to the L`Officiel trademark and registering a media with this name.

In turn, Zmievets told Komsomolskaya Pravda that the license agreement is valid until December 31, 2011. Simply put, Parlan has the right to publish the magazine for more than a year. An absolutely clear point is spelled out in the agreement: "Unilateral withdrawal from the agreement is not allowed."

However, the owners of the magazine have already applied to the Paris court with a claim against Parlan: they ask the court to confirm the legality of the termination of the license contract with the Russian company. A hearing is scheduled for February 2011.

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