Russian Fashion Week Kicks Off

Russian Fashion Week Kicks Off
Russian Fashion Week Kicks Off
Video: Russian Fashion Week Kicks Off
Video: Moscow Fashion Week kicks off with catwalk show from Russian designer Slava Zaitsev 2023, February

Russian Fashion Week kicked off with the opening of the spring-summer 2011 fashion season. Traditionally, it began with a grand show by the master of Russian fashion, Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

The most amazing thing is that almost all the shows started on time: Shumilo & Elagin let models in light dresses walk on the green grass with daisies; DashGauser presented yet another fashion film to precede the collection; models of Lyudmila Norsoyan staged dances on stage and charged the audience with positive emotions.

Only the show of Stella Ndombi spoiled the schedule and began an hour late, at eleven in the evening. The collection is controversial, it is immediately clear that experienced designer Alisher did not put his hand to it, who this week will show his collection separately.

In between shows, guests could traditionally visit the Maybelline makeup studio, the Persona style studio, the Megafon lounge area, bars and cafes. Not many stars were seen at the shows, designers (Max Chernitsov, Alice Lautier) also dropped in, and of the editors in the front row, only Evelina Khromchenko was observed, who promises to break the record for the number of publications dedicated to her in various media among gloss editors this year.

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