L'Officiel In Russia Changes Its Publisher

L'Officiel In Russia Changes Its Publisher
L'Officiel In Russia Changes Its Publisher

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The fashion magazine L'Officiel in Russia changes its publisher: the French publishing house Éditions Jalou announced that the magazine will be published by the AST group from November. But the old publisher, the Parlan publishing house, is not going to stop publishing the magazine either.

AST has become a partner of Éditions Jalou on September 1, and the first issue of L'Officiel, released by AST, will be released in November, the French company said in a statement. The general director of the publishing house PremierMedi of the AST group Yuri Deikalo, through a representative, confirmed the information. According to him, AST has been planning the development of a niche for glossy magazines for a long time, but the crisis has adjusted its plans.

AST Group publishes books, magazines, is engaged in the production of stationery, games, toys. Develops the Bukva retail book network (about 300 stores). According to the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications and the Russian Book Chamber, in 2009 AST occupied 10.74% of the book market (in terms of circulation). The group does not disclose financial indicators.

Since 1997, L'Officiel has been published by the Parlan group under license from the French publishing house Éditions Jalou. But recently, Éditions Jalou has been looking for a new partner in Russia, a top manager of a large publishing house knows. The reasons are not known to him.

But the publisher of the Parlan publishing house, Yevgeny Zmievets, does not intend to stop publishing L'Officiel: “The contract between Éditions Jalou and Parlan is valid until December 31, 2011, and we have the preemptive right to extend it,” he says. Benjamin Aymer, CEO of Éditions Jalou, told Vedomosti that the agreement with Parlan is no longer valid, and the only publisher of the magazine in Russia is AST.

According to Deikalo, AST plans to develop the glossy direction at the expense of other publications: owned by a French publishing group, American magazines.

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