INTERMODITY # 3 By Pavel Elion

INTERMODITY # 3 By Pavel Elion
INTERMODITY # 3 By Pavel Elion

It took me a long time to gather my strength to write this new Intermodity … A lot of it happened! The season has begun! And poured, as if from a cornucopia, all kinds of social and not very events, club and not very, good and not very, pretentious and not very … Etc.!

Perhaps I'll start with my holiday - on August 26, I had a grand celebration of my birthday. For this holiday, I have timed an exhibition of my works of authorship - collages - created from ties, which were provided to me by the company "Suvorov". From these excellent silk ties, brooches, pieces of cloth, paper, gloves, beads, etc. I also created my collages.

Sarkis Edwards, Sergey Demyanenko (IDIOMA group) performed at my birthday party, who usually, by the way, performs with oligarchs, Serge Golovach and Viktor Bianchi prepared galleries of photos for my party that were spinning all evening on the screens of the Voodoo lounge club, where, in fact, everything happened. The show by designer Alexander Bakanev fits perfectly into the overall very good friendly program.

I would like to note that I was congratulated by one of the Lezheboks from the Silver Rain radio station, namely Aleksey Alekseevich Eybozhenko, who came to me for the holiday with his wife and the propeller man Andy. Then I listened to a report from my birthday - Messrs. Lezheboks gave a full talk, but I am not very offended at them, because in general, not very offensive and very fun! By the way, they presented a book by Konstantin Grigorievich Tsivilev with jokes that are understandable, apparently, only to the journalists of their party, but with very pleasant wishes!

A few days after my birthday, I went to the Luxury Life Awards, which took place at the Shore-house yacht club (Crocus City Mall). Nice atmosphere, an incredible number of so-called freeloaders, if anyone understands what this is about! These are people who can be found at almost any pretentious event where they give something! Usually they steal bottles from the bar, and the more expensive the bottle, the more they take …

The ceremony was led by Dmitry Dibrov, it seems after plastic surgery, together with a young lady, whose name I no longer remember. The prizes were awarded to luxury publications, luxury real estate firms, etc. In a word, everything was very, very cute and moderately pretentious! Although the whole picture was spoiled by freeloaders, the event as a whole was a success … The awards found their owners!

And I can't help but tell you about one more Prize. Astra 2006 Fashion and Style Awards! All this very pretentious action took place at the Moscow International House of Music (Moscow International House of Music), and the after-party on the 34th floor of the restaurant at the Swissotel Krasnye Holmy hotel.

Everything is pompous, beautiful, sponsored alcohol flowed like a river, everyone was smoked with sponsored cigarettes, and even cigars in addition. However, unfortunately, I could not see the cigars, but they said … and it smelled delicious!

It is foolish, in my opinion, on my part to list all the nominees and laureates, since almost everything was clear in advance! Naturally, I made my bets and made a mistake in only two cases!

This is how the Moscow celebrity lives, the bohemian … well, me. Yours, Pavel Elion.

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