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Pavel Elion. Intermodality
Pavel Elion. Intermodality
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I am not a professional party-goer or a journalist who are obliged (and most importantly, they succeed in doing it) to go everywhere. But I will try to talk about really interesting events in the first person in an interesting way. To begin with, I will tell you about the Russian silhouette, the exhibition-festival of yachts and the show by Olga Deffi, in the organization of which I was directly involved.

“Russian Silhouette” is a competition for young fashion designers, which took place for the sixth time. Hundreds of fashion designers took part in it. Many of them have become people! This time, 76 collections, as I understand it, went to the final, although much less participated in the semifinals. However, now is not about that. I'll tell you about the jury. Since I was sitting in the front row, I could directly observe them all, first sitting on the podium during the press conference, and then in front of me.

Here sits Natasha Turovnikova, my good friend, nods to me in greeting. She, as always, with a cheerful smile, stylish and friendly. At the very top is Zaitsev Sr. hugging Khromchenko. They then went by the handle to sit down in their seats. And where was Mr. Shumsky, who was nearby !!!:-))

Further, if you describe all the jury, you will not have enough strength. It seems that almost all the smallest professionals from the fashion world were gathered … Even Yudashkin (he is more than a smallest professional), who to his shame was late, sat and struck something, putting two or five. By the way, he came to the show with his already grown-up daughter, who, oh, how similar to him, when he reaches out to consider what kind of dress it is on the catwalk.

76 collections were shown, each of which consisted of 5 outputs. The show dragged on for 2.5 hours. Only showing, and then summing up the results, then announcement and rewarding for 30-40 minutes !! Yes, Mrs. Mikhalkova stretched out the saga, all right into a spouse! Who also sat in the first row … Although Krutikov, the trustee of the competition, was put only in the second row …

So that's it …

The rewarding ceremony took place by nightfall. I will only note one funny detail. Mr. Shumsky, right from the stage in the hostile Gostiny Dvor, right in front of the astonished Dostman, sitting with Yudashkin in the front row, announced several finalists to whom he will give the show at the upcoming Russian Fashion Week !!!!

However, now about a completely business-secular event. A few days ago I went to the yacht festival, which took place for the second time this year, all in the same Central Park on Pushkinskaya Embankment, right next to the bridge, not far from Frunzenskaya Embankment

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, I was not able to attend the most social events: the White party, where the Scorpions performance and a cocktail party for partners and friends of the Millionaire Fair on Sunday were promised. But nevertheless, I looked at the yachts, at pretty (one, unfortunately, had crooked legs - this is such a stone in the organizers' garden) models who scurry alongside wealthy clients, of whom there were many on the opening day. Then I looked at the Novaya Zvezda superyacht, made in Russia. Walking back and forth along the pier, I came across Dana Borisova (she was the host at the opening of the festival), chatting on her cell phone. She pretended not to notice the several secular chroniclers who photographed her from different angles, trying to capture her small stature. I must say that she looked very stylish in a light neat dress,fashionable shoes and a modern mobile phone.

So smoothly from the stylish dress of Dana Borisova, let's move on to fashion again. I'm talking about the show of Olga Deffi, organized by me at the Young Guard Cultural Center on June 17th.

It all started with a rehearsal of the show, which lasted almost 3 hours. But then the models went one to one and did not stumble! I can say a lot of positive things about Olga Deffi: for all her hot temper and some aggressiveness / assertiveness, she is a real professional, a talented designer and an outstanding businessman! Therefore, it was especially pleasant for me to work with her and her main assistant Victoria.

In the "Young Guard" was shown the fall-winter 2006/2007 collection "Alaska trans", ie. those things that will be fashionable next season! I would like to draw your attention to glue skirts and wonderful shoes. Dark colors, fur trim of boots perfectly complement voluminous multi-layer skirts and blended fabrics.

An interesting story of the show itself: a girl arrives in Paris, then achieves success there! And here she is - a fashionable European type girl from Olga Deffi. Be in the subject too!

And tomorrow I go to the photo exhibition at the Prichal restaurant on the Rublevskoe highway. There will be pictures of all sorts of oligarchs and politicians. Read about it in the next issue.

Good luck, Pavel Elion,

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