Elion Studio Promises Hot Autumn

Elion Studio Promises Hot Autumn
Elion Studio Promises Hot Autumn
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Several projects are planned for September, October, November …

This is, firstly, the exhibition of the artist Natasha Rodina "Stress of Models" in the Matisse cafe, the main character of which is a modern fashion model, and secondly, a series of night parties in the entertainment center "Young Guard" …

At the end of September, the celebration of the birthday of the art director of Elion studio Pavel Elion will take place. All will be invited … their …

And at the end of October, no doubt, the Antifashion party will take place. Already THIRD. The first two, we recall, were held for two seasons in a row as part of the most professional event in Moscow, Russian Fashion Week.

New designer toys are also being prepared, the first of which, made for Elion studio by artist Lia Nosova, appeared in boutiques Cox, UFO, Atelier (Irina Zima) and elite beauty salons in Moscow in the spring.

Everything will begin on August 23 at the Jeans Expo (www.jeans-expo.ru) exhibition, held in Crocus Expo, at the “Jeans Fashion in Punk-Rock Style” party, where hand made by Russian designers will take place, in which Pavel Elion will take part. Also participating: Olga Komissarova, Tatiana Sudaryanto, Alina Assi, IrKrupski, Kate Frankfurt, MaiNaim, Olga Deffi, Veronika Lazareva, Pavel Elion, Canochki. Designers will show in real time in front of the audience what can be done with ordinary jeans using their imagination: painting, applique, artistic destroy and other techniques.

PS Summer also did not pass just like that. A filming of a tie-tying workshop was filmed for the elite cigar magazine Cigar Clan. See the new August issue.

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