Denim Fashion Punk Rock

Denim Fashion Punk Rock
Denim Fashion Punk Rock
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On August 23, as part of the Jeans exhibition, there will be a special evening program codenamed “Jeans fashion in the style of punk-rock”.

One of the highlights of the program will be a hand-made master class from famous Russian fashion designers. Only the most fashionable artists are invited: Olga Komissarova, Tatiana Sudaryanto, Alina Assi, IrKrupski, Kate Frankfurt, MaiNaim, Olga Deffi, Veronika Lazareva, Pavel Elion, Canochki. Designers will show in real time in front of the audience what can be done with ordinary jeans using their imagination: painting, applique, artistic destroy and other techniques.

All this will take place on the main stage of the Jeans exhibition. Visitors will see how ordinary jeans turn into a unique and exclusive item. The process of eliminating banality will be accompanied by the live accompaniment of the well-known punk-rock bands "Laughter", "Praznik", "Amelie", "All Trunks" and others.

After the jeans transforming workshops, shows of famous denim brands will begin: Lee Cooper, Legend, Partisan, F5, Yudashkin Jeans and others, also accompanied by the incendiary sounds of punk rock.

Models dressed in the latest street casual collections will walk the catwalk to informal music. A hot cocktail of real rock music and haute couture will create a unique atmosphere filled with the energy of freedom.

The unique style of this event will be provided by the combination of the incompatible - subtle glamor and frantic energy, and only this mixture can create a rare individuality for everyone!

The show will start at 17.00. The latest information about the Jeans exhibition program is always available at

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