The Boutique Of Russian Designers UFO Has Opened

The Boutique Of Russian Designers UFO Has Opened
The Boutique Of Russian Designers UFO Has Opened
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Location - st. Ilyinka, 4 (metro Revolution Square, Gostiny Dvor, entrance 6, lower gallery)

Last Saturday (April 16, 2005) Moscow hosted the last fashion event of this season as part of the unofficial Russian Fashion Week program - the opening of a new boutique of Russian designers of clothes and accessories UFO - United Fashions Organization. The official opening and a party dedicated to it took place in the premises of the Boutique, located in the very center of Moscow, in Gostiny Dvor.

The presentation was scheduled to start at 19.00, but the guests, who were burning with impatience, began to gather long before that. Several paparazzi managed to record the process of transformation of the models, on which the stylists worked right in the Boutique, into real UFO girls - stylish, bright and loving to experiment with their own image. Following the photographers, guests made their way to the Boutique, wishing to take a closer look at the clothes and accessories presented in UFO. Meanwhile, a team of Cuban musicians Los Locos, led by Abelardo Alfonso Lopez Cachao, appeared next to the Boutique. Incendiary Latin American songs, which sounded in the gallery next to the Boutique, distracted the guests from getting to know the assortment. However, not for long.

While the attention of most of the guests was directed to the two-meter Cubans, the guru of Russian fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev appeared at the party, who was, of course, quickly noticed and surrounded by a crowd of journalists and fans. Together with him, the crowd again poured into the Boutique, where the editor-in-chief of the L'Officiel magazine, Evelina Khromchenko, who made her way there on the quiet, was sorting through vintage dresses. Among the guests were also the artist Nikas Safronov, director Andrei Zhitinkin, TV presenter Larisa Verbitskaya, Oleg Dobrynin (Star Factory-3), the designer duet Chistova & Endourova, fashion designer Alexander Arngoldt, famous fashion journalist and critic Andrei Obolenkin and other secular characters.

Despite the pandemonium, the most active guests managed to sneak into the fitting room and get their favorite items from UFO. Among the designers represented in the Boutique are Olga Romina, Mainaim and Two Gun Towers are regular participants in professional fashion events in Russia. The guests especially admired the delicate and very feminine dresses of the Georgian fashion designer Maki Assatiani. In the near future Masha Tsigal and Frol Romanoff clothes will also appear in the Boutique. The main criterion for the formation of the boutique's collection is, however, not the name of the designer, but his talent and professionalism both in design and in the quality of tailoring. It is curious that the first things were bought from the designers Alexei Milovsky and Sergey Rustamyan, who are so far known to a narrow circle of people.

Simultaneously with the presentation of the Boutique, an exhibition of designer toys from Pavel Elion (artist Liya Nosova) was opened. In the future, UFO plans to host other exhibitions, fashion shows and parties. According to fashion experts, the cozy boutique will win loyal friends and very soon become a new fashionable place in the capital.

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