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Flea Clothing
Flea Clothing
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Tishinka is the oldest place in Moscow. Now it houses the new-fashioned T-module exhibition complex and a shopping center. And more recently, this place was the most famous flea market, or flea market. There is nothing for you, and antiques, and trepier, and old clothes … Everything is piled up in heaps, in which you can find excellent scarves with the most skillful embroidery and so on.

But this flea market was closed, but nothing lasts forever. In the sense that from 6 to 10 April there was a magnificent exhibition "Flea Market". More information about the exhibition can be found on the website bloxa.ru.

Antique salons, shops and galleries presented their collections for sale. The result is an incredibly stylish flea market.

An important place was occupied by the stand of the collector and fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev, who presented a walnut sofa from the era of Nicholas 1 in the style of the second rococo, two paired walnut tables of the same era, portraits of the first half of the 19th century, several miniatures and vases.

Russian designers such as Victoria Andreyanova, Elena Suprun and Dasha Razumikhina did not stay away from the exhibition. Dasha Razumikhina presented a Pucci dress, which was sold on the very first day! Here is such a quite understandable interest among modern designers and buyers in antiquity.

Text - Pavel Elion

Photo - bloxa.ru

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