Audi Of The Digital Age

Audi Of The Digital Age
Audi Of The Digital Age
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On the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi decided to look into the future again. This time 20 years ahead.

For this, the eSpir / eOra double concept project was created. While working on it, Audi designers tried to imagine what requirements the generation, born and raised in the digital age, will have for the car.

These are the conditions set by the organizers of the Youthmobile 2030 design competition, which is held as part of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

eSpir / eOr are two cars made in a common style, but at the same time completely different from each other.

eSpir is an "uncompromising sports car" designed to be an extension of the driver's body and responding to every movement, every gesture.

The second car is also not devoid of a sporty spirit. But if eSpir is a sprinter, then eOr is a skier. This comparison is supported by both the appearance of the car (remember what posture the athletes take as they rush down the slope) and the way of cornering - the suspension and the eO-running gear behave like the legs of a skier shifting skis from one edge to another.

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