Evelina Khromchenko And Just Audi A8

Evelina Khromchenko And Just Audi A8
Evelina Khromchenko And Just Audi A8
Video: Evelina Khromchenko And Just Audi A8
Video: Эвелина Хромченко - всегда безупречна. Доброе утро. Суббота. Фрагмент выпуска от 27.02.2021 2023, February

In a car like the Audi A8, everyone will feel confident and secure. I have known the Audi brand for a long time. I used to have an A6, bought a year before the new body appeared. When the last modification came out, outwardly I did not like it. But it was necessary to take something new, because my "six" began to become obsolete and, moreover, to lose in price. It was then that my husband suggested trying on the A8. Generally speaking, I am no stranger to oversized cars: I had to drive both a Volvo 960 and a huge Range Rover, which once took part in the Paris-Dakar rally. In addition, small ladies' cars seem to me completely out of place on our roads. Women mistakenly think they are more agile. In fact, their only plus is that parking is easier. In Russia, you just need to have a certain camouflage on the road:we respect only strength, but what strength is in a bug? In cars like the A8, any woman feels confident and secure.

It is important for me that the car looks beautiful both outside and inside. It's good when the interior design is thought out, high-quality materials are used that are pleasant to the eye and to the touch. The Audi A8 looks impressive, but at the same time elegant, and the quality of the finish is excellent. The leather on the seats is very soft, with a pleasant fresh scent, and the seat settings allow you to take the most comfortable position. I ride in high-heeled shoes all year round, and the car does not resist this habit. The only thing I sometimes lack is instant warmth for my feet. In winter, you have to freeze until the entire interior is filled with warm air.

Driving a car in our time of traffic jams and nervous traffic is more of a work process than a pleasure. But I rarely use the services of a driver: I was repeatedly convinced that I drive better than all these personal drivers, and I know the city. In addition, it is easy and pleasant to drive the Audi A8. The car can deftly maneuver, and it is equipped with high quality: there is a four-wheel drive, adjustable suspension, a lot of useful electronics. Plus, the largest motor that is put on this model is 6.0. It's not about racing ambitions, just my husband thinks that I should have all the best.

But I had to get used to the new dimensions after the "six". The fact is that the size of the A8 is not much larger than the A6, but this is where the catch lies. It's like with a woman who got a little stout and suddenly stopped fitting into the aisle between the tables, because she is sincerely sure that her dimensions have not changed. It's the same with cars: you drive according to the old habit instead of making a decent supply. Fortunately, everything turned out to be not so scary. The G8 has excellent visibility, and the parking sensors start to squeak if something goes wrong. Now, if only there was visual parking assistance here, which I saw on fresh Mercedes! Although they say that the updated A8, which has just appeared on sale, has one. I am sure that my husband is probably already anxious to have this new toy in my car.

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