CAVIAR Presented A Gold IPad Mini

CAVIAR Presented A Gold IPad Mini
CAVIAR Presented A Gold IPad Mini
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In September, Italian luxury phone manufacturer CAVIAR expanded its line of precious smartphones and introduced the iPad mini in a gold case.

According to a survey by Perion (a global software manufacturer): 90% of iPad users consider this device to be the best for online surfing and watching movies, and with its appearance, they almost stopped using computers and phones for this purpose. It is impossible to argue with these conclusions, the iPad really serves the most comfortable use of e-mail, computer entertainment, social networks and search resources. Wherever you are - on the road, in a restaurant, in a hotel lobby or on vacation - iPad will help you quickly check your inbox, view photos or launch your favorite applications.

But simplicity and convenience are not the only defining factors for those accustomed to perfection in all its forms. For those whose comfort is always a priority, for people whose life consists of making great decisions, for those who must have access to manage their affairs at any time, the jewelry brand CAVIAR has created a unique gold iPad Mini model. CAVIAR always pays special attention to the wishes of its customers, they were the ones who inspired the designer Ilia Giacometti to create precious tablets: “Customers of our online boutique said they would like to get an iPad that would match their luxury phone. And I couldn't help but agree that this is a great idea!"

The debut was a model that continues the Unico collection. In the future, it is planned to release elite tablets made of titanium, exotic leather and other luxurious materials! The one-piece gold plate that crowns the back of iPad mini continues the design of the legendary Unico Sole phone, engraved with the royal lilies, the symbol of Florence and the Medici family.

The gold plating area of ​​the iPad allows you to significantly increase the number of precious flowers. Now more than a thousand of them are engraved on each model. Having created a unique model, CAVIAR specialists approached quality tests with particular passion, subjecting every millimeter of the device to a detailed check. It is thanks to this that holding a golden tablet from CAVIAR in your hands is a pleasure to feel yourself on top, to feel your superiority. Many people like the iPad as a multifunctional device, but only a few can afford its golden variation.

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