New App From Naturino - "Write In The Sand"

New App From Naturino - "Write In The Sand"
New App From Naturino - "Write In The Sand"
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Naturino has launched a free app for children: Scrivi sullSabbia (Write in the Sand) for iPad and iPhone.

Children spending their holidays in the yard, and even those who go to the mountains - can play with sand using Naturino's free "Write in the sand" application.

The little ones will have the opportunity to write and draw on the sand just like they do on the beach. And with the help of the color menu, they can color their drawing! It seems that you are actually on the beach: this impression is helped to create the sound of the sea, shells, molds. And when a child wants to delete his artwork to make room for another drawing, he can cause a sea wave that will wash everything away.

In addition, parents can also enjoy the application by posting children's works on Facebook, saving them on their computer and sending them by email to their friends! The app also contains the Buying Guide option for the first shoes and extensive information about the Naturino range.

Write in the Sand is also available in the iPhone mini version.

After the Application "Misurapiede" ("Foot size"), which is intended for parents to determine the size of their child's feet, there was a game application for the little ones: "Write in the sand". Summer with Naturino never ends!

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