DENIS SIMACHЁV Team Presents SimaPad 2

DENIS SIMACHЁV Team Presents SimaPad 2
DENIS SIMACHЁV Team Presents SimaPad 2
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The new device is thinner and lighter, making it even more pleasant to hold and convenient to carry with you everywhere every day.

The creative forces of DENIS SIMACHЁV dressed the iconic device in stylish Russian patterns - brand symbols intertwining into a special accent that distinguishes SimaPad 2 in the market for the latest devices and exposes the advanced taste of those who choose this particular device.

Improved technical capabilities of the device make it much more efficient to work and spend time on the Web. SimaPad 2 is equipped with more powerful graphics, dual HD cameras, gyroscope and compass. At the same time, the battery charge is enough for 10 hours of active work.

SimaPad 2 comes in several flavors. The back panel is made in colors that have proven themselves in the past incarnation of SimaPad:

  • Classic, folk format - traditional red and gold Khokhloma;
  • Moscow, a chameleon pattern against an elegant dark background, changing from blue to black;
  • Rave, a daring acidic reversion of the classic khokhloma in a light green color.

According to the established tradition, specialists from the DENIS SIMACHЁV team have developed a special LED backlight for the back panel of the SimaPad 2, which highlights the branded apple without affecting the power consumption of the battery. This technology is used only by the DENIS SIMACHЁV brand. Also, at the request of the client, any symbol can be put in place of the LED apple: initials, name, company logo or a pear. All tuning orders are considered individually.

Due to the high demand for the device, SimaPad 2 will appear in limited quantities.

SimaPad 2 will appear in April at the DENIS SIMACHЁV flagship boutique in Stoleshnikov Lane.

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