Movies On IPhone: From Idea To Big Screen

Movies On IPhone: From Idea To Big Screen
Movies On IPhone: From Idea To Big Screen
Video: Movies On IPhone: From Idea To Big Screen
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Boris Guts is a director and producer. He starred in the videos of Zakhar Prilepin and the members of the Pussy Riot group, and in 2016 released his debut full-length film "Watermelon Crusts", which was sold for broadcast on TNT. Boris shot the next film, Fagot, on his iPhone, becoming one of the pioneers of mobile filmmaking in Russia. By the way, in 2019 his third full-length film, the comedy "Death Becomes Our Face", also shot on the iPhone, will be released.

Guests of the re: Store Academy will walk through all the details of shooting a movie on iPhone, from idea to editing and distribution. They will understand how to calculate the profitability of such a project, learn the secrets of the production business and how to conclude a contract for the rental of a mobile film with major TV channels and movie theater chains.

Lecture program:

1.How to develop an idea for a movie, video or advertisement suitable for the "mobile format"

2.How to make a full-fledged camera out of an iPhone for filming

3 the nuances of shooting feature films, web series and internet movies on iPhone

4.Postproduction of a mobile format on the example of two full-length films

Date and time: July 11, 19:00

Location: Tverskaya, 27, re: Store, lecture room on the second floor

To attend the lecture, register on the re: Store website. If you have any questions, write to [email protected] (in the letter indicate the name and source from which you learned about the lecture).

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