Secrets Of Dynamic Photos On IPhone

Secrets Of Dynamic Photos On IPhone
Secrets Of Dynamic Photos On IPhone
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It's no secret that almost everything that surrounds us in everyday life is associated with movement. People, cars, plants and animals - they are all dynamic in a metropolis! Therefore, when photographing the world around us, we are faced with certain features of this genre of photography, in which there is a need to capture the moment and convey movement in the picture. Dynamic photographs reflect the real world, which is constantly changing over time. Live photos will allow you to accurately convey all the emotions and mood of the moment that is happening here and now.

Konstantin Chalabov (@chalabov) is a professional photographer and mobile photography coach. He has over seven years of filming for the largest Russian agency RIA Novosti. Konstantin also collaborated with such publications as Forbes, The New York Times, Agence France-Presse, Gettyimages, Reuters, ITAR-TASS, Russian Reporter, Around the World, Takie Dela, GEO. His professional experience complements his career as a sports photographer. Konstantin is the official photographer of the Olympic Games in Sochi and Rio da Janeiro, the World Championships in football, biathlon, ice hockey and water sports.

In his works, Konstantin actively uses the technique of mobile photography, in which the iPhone especially helps him. “Incredible ease of photography. A simple and user-friendly interface that anyone can quickly master and start filming right away,”- these are the advantages of working with the iPhone, noted by Konstantin.

To maintain unrivaled clarity when shooting dynamic subjects, you need to have certain skills in this genre of photography. The advice of an experienced professional, Konstantin Chalabov, will help you improve your skills.

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