Secrets Of Successful Photos On IPhone

Secrets Of Successful Photos On IPhone
Secrets Of Successful Photos On IPhone
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The Moscow re: Store Academy began 2019 with a lecture by a professional photographer and content maker, blogger Anastasia Galantseva (@nastyagalax). In the format of live communication and visual examples of processing “here and now”, she analyzed the capabilities of the camera, showed how and with what applications it works, what is important to pay attention to when shooting.

The first secret of Anastasia's successful shots is the iPhone camera. It allows you to lock focus, build the required exposure, has a portrait mode, HDR mode and several image formats. With such a camera, anyone can photograph professionally, the main thing is desire, practice and perseverance.

The second secret is staging the shot. The speaker identifies three important components: working with perspective, posing and flatlay. It is important for Anastasia that photography should live and tell its own story.

And finally, the third is processing. There are many applications for this. Favorite TOP-3 of Anastasia - Lightroom, Snapseed, Facetune. They are the basis in her work: to make the object brighter, to make point corrections, to correct the face, to “smooth”, to detail and so on. There are other applications as well. For example, VSCO is best used for building perspectives, Photoshopfix - for working with objects, Unfold - for creating collages with photos and videos at the same time. If you need to add snow, sun, rays, Anastasia recommends using LD, creating the popular scuff effect today - Tezza, positioning the text - Phonto.

Anastasia prefers a phone to a laptop: "I am always on the go, and the phone is at hand, so I can work constantly and quickly." As a rule, she needs 5 applications to process one photo. In the frame, most often she herself. This is easy: the "man-tripod" comes to the rescue, who only needs to stand at the planned place and press a button, because Nastya thinks over the frame "from and to", sets the necessary settings and chooses the place personally.

Today the blogger works with brands Pinko, H&M, YSL, Armanibeauty, MiniCooper, Chandon and others. Top tips for newbies are to shoot in daylight and get the perspective right.

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