How To Beautifully Shoot Food On The IPhone

How To Beautifully Shoot Food On The IPhone
How To Beautifully Shoot Food On The IPhone
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Love for cooking laid the foundation for Ksenia's new hobby - food photography. Soon, the desire to capture her culinary masterpieces grew into a stable income for the girl, and now she receives commercial offers and orders from well-known Moscow restaurants and poster portals. As she developed her Instagram blog (@ksushplush), Ksenia became a professional food stylist and gained experience, which she willingly shares with her followers.

At the lecture, Ksenia touched upon the topics of composition, light and processing in food photography. To build the correct composition, the girl is helped by the "rule of thirds", which says that it is necessary to divide the frame into three equal parts along each side of the photo grid. Beginner photographers can also take advantage of the triangle rule to avoid overwhelming photography.

Experiment! For a better understanding of which angle you should still choose, try to find the right angle for shooting. In food photography, it is customary to use three shooting angles: from above, at an angle of 45 degrees, and from the level of the surface on which the dish stands.

It is important not to forget about the details. Props around the dish will add additional content to the frame. It is necessary to choose the right props to convey the special mood of the photo. Fill in the frame gradually and watch the result.

It is worth noting that the color of the photo has a strong influence on the atmosphere of the photo. It is recommended to predominantly use warm colors to make the photo appetizing and really “tasty”. For color correction, Ksenia uses VSCO and Snappseed applications. A set of professional filters of the VSCO application allows you to create a certain style of photography, making it more aesthetic. Snappseed helps the girl to remove unnecessary objects and imperfections from the frame, for example, scratches on the table.

The girl takes most of the food-photos on her iPhone, since Ksenia always has it at hand. Using your phone, in just a few minutes, you can create a beautiful frame, process it using free applications and upload it to the network, which allows you to dynamically update content on Instagram and delight your subscribers.

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