Mobile Photography On IPhone XS Max

Mobile Photography On IPhone XS Max
Mobile Photography On IPhone XS Max
Video: Mobile Photography On IPhone XS Max
Video: iPhone XS Max Photography Review & Camera Tips 2023, February

Prior to blogging, Kirill Skobelev worked as a professional photographer for more than 5 years, having managed to shoot for such large companies as Google, IKEA, Gazprom and others. He uses all the accumulated experience both for creating videos and for maintaining a personal page on Instagram, where the iPhone is the main tool for shooting and processing.

The re: Store Academy hosts monthly open lectures that show how having an iPhone can turn photography into a fun and easy experience. Pictures taken on the iPhone can become unique and vivid pictures that fill your social networks with unique content.

The re: Store Academy invites everyone to learn firsthand how to shoot mobile with iPhone XS Max, from the basics to a hands-on photo manipulation with apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. Kirill will analyze in detail the advantages and main differences of the new smartphone from previous models.

Lecture program:

1. Review of the iPhone XS Max camera;

2. Analysis of the main differences and advantages of the new camera;

3. How to avoid mistakes when shooting;

4. Practice: creating photography here and now. Frame processing.

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