Shooting In The Night City On IPhone

Shooting In The Night City On IPhone
Shooting In The Night City On IPhone
Video: Shooting In The Night City On IPhone
Video: iPhone XR Cinematic 4K: New York City 2023, February

Today the genre of night photography is rapidly gaining momentum. Cities, burning with thousands of lights, shimmer with neon light, creating a special mysterious atmosphere. However, it is almost impossible to take a high-quality picture in the dark without special skills and accessories. The art of night photography has a number of aspects and characteristics, as the lack of natural daylight can provoke high noise and low sharpness of the photo. However, when used correctly, modern gadgets can do wonders for capturing atmospheric images of unsurpassed quality.

Alexander Croft is a commercial photographer and blogger recognized by major Russian and foreign companies. Alexander is the head of the "Photo College", which provides training courses for beginner photographers. The speaker also collaborates with leading modeling agencies, and his works are published in magazines in Russia and abroad. Alexander's commercial projects include work for such large companies and brands as: Stayer, Sberbank, YUKUMA, RedFox, Intel, MaxFactor. It is also worth noting that the photographer works with technology manufacturers Panasonic, Sony ZEISS, Wacom, Fuji, Miggo.

At the lecture, Alexander will share with the audience his experience and skills in the field of night photography, as well as demonstrate his commercial projects.

Lecture program:

The main aspects of night photography.

Working with light.

Using color filters.

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