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Subject Mobile Photography
Subject Mobile Photography
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The re: Store Academy hosts monthly open lectures that show how having an iPhone can turn photography into a fun and easy experience. At the same time, the final shots do not lose their quality, but on the contrary, they can become unique and vivid pictures that are not ashamed to be posted on social networks or even published in a glossy magazine.

Therefore, on March 23, a blogger engaged in mobile photography, Vasily Malyar, will speak as a speaker. Initially, he pursued the goal of creating a conceptual and aesthetic photo gallery on the Instagram network, and judging by the number of people reading it, which is 145 thousand subscribers, he is making progress. Vasily takes pictures of everything: nature, city, plants, shares photos of his work and his selfies. You can see his work on Instagram on the @malyar page. He calls the iPhone 7 Plus the main assistant in creating high-quality photos.

The re: Store Academy invites everyone to learn how to shoot product photography, from the basics of composition, to a workshop on photo processing using applications that can be downloaded from the App Store. Vasily will also touch on the topic of mistakes in subject shooting in order to clearly demonstrate what spoils the frame and makes it overloaded or not professionally filmed.

Lecture program:

1. Composition in the profile.

2. Examples of work and analysis of the construction of the layout.

3. How to build your shot based on the basics of composition.

4. Errors in subject photography.

5. Processing photos using applications.

6. Practice: processing the source.

Date and time of the lecture: March 23, 2018, 19:00. Free admission for all comers, 12+.

Location: st. Tverskaya, 27 (lecture room of the re: Store store, 2nd floor)


To attend the lecture, you must register on the re: Store website by clicking on the link:

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