Secrets Of Video Recording On IPhone

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Secrets Of Video Recording On IPhone
Secrets Of Video Recording On IPhone
Video: Secrets Of Video Recording On IPhone
Video: How to SECRETLY Record Videos on your iPhone with Screen OFF ? ( iPhone Hacks ) 2023, February

In online publications, you can find a lot of information about applications that help you effortlessly process and create high-quality video for social networks. Of course, you can learn how to use them yourself by downloading them from the App Store. Or find out the necessary information from the lectures already filmed and posted on the Academy re: Store channel in Youtube. However, by visiting the open lecture of the re: Store Academy, you can significantly reduce the time spent on getting to know the nuances of working in applications, add new ones to your piggy bank and ask the speaker all your questions.

Maxim Epifanov (@pifanv) is not only a blogger actively developing his Instagram account, but also a student studying journalism. He has worked with renowned Moscow bloggers malyar, holod_holod and ktsarskya, and has collaborated with several major brands.

When filming interesting moments from life, you always want to edit something, remove unnecessary fragments and add suitable music. Fortunately, the times have passed when it was possible to do this only on professional equipment. Making striking clips and videos is made much easier with easy-to-use video editors for iPhone.

Maxim prepared for the participants of the lecture a list of the most successful video processing applications and several of his own processing secrets. And also the participants will learn where to get inspiration and look for ideas for creativity.

Lecture program:

  • Creative video ideas
  • High-quality shooting and processing on the iPhone. Applications
  • Secrets

Date and time of the lecture: March 16, 2018, 19:00. Free admission for all comers, 12+.

Location: st. Tverskaya, 27 (lecture room of the re: Store store, 2nd floor)


To attend the lecture, you must register on the re: Store website by clicking on the link.

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