New Sound In The World Of Music

New Sound In The World Of Music
New Sound In The World Of Music
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Video: New World Sound & Thomas Newson - Flute (Official Music Video) 2023, February

On November 16, a very unusual and interesting lecture took place within the walls of the re: Store Academy. John Eckhardt, a musician and bass player, spoke about how music changed his life and why he was in Moscow.

Even as a child, John liked jazz music, so after receiving a classical musical education, it became an integral part of his life.

“I always want to do something new and interesting. I am practicing this idea! If you want to get interesting, you don't have to get stuck on where to start,”John advised everyone present. John's projects are contemporary music that anyone can feel with their body if they add more volume. Isn't that wonderful?

John said that he is fond of photography and the beauty of the world around him. The cover of his album features a mushroom that resembles an ear. Such quintessences in nature do not leave him indifferent. An example of this is his new project "Forests".

It was no coincidence that John was in Moscow. He told all listeners of the lecture that he had participated in the creation of the exhibition “SHE. Images of Artificial Intelligence ", which is dedicated to the images of the development of modern technological progress and how this is reflected in art. All photographs at the exhibition, created by photographer Nikolai Biryukov, are accompanied by John's music. "You will feel the meaning of each picture and understand that everything in this life is realizable."

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