Movie Shot With IPhone

Movie Shot With IPhone
Movie Shot With IPhone

Video: Movie Shot With IPhone

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Video: iPhone 11 Pro vs RED - Hollywood Movie Camera 2023, January

They become masters of cinema only if people strive to present their deep and rather difficult to understand idea in the form of a simple plot.

More than 70 people gathered in the new hall of the re: Store Academy to listen to Artur Mikheev about how a live picture is created and in the future turns into a full-length film.

Artur Mikheev is self-taught in terms of video filming, but this in no way prevented him from making masterpieces and enjoying the process of creating a video. At the lecture with everyone, he shared the minimum set of tools necessary for professional shooting on a smartphone, and also told how the built-in iPhone camera application differs from third-party applications; what are the disadvantages of a conventional camera and how it can be improved. But the main rule is to remember that it is not the camera that is shooting, you are shooting.

Surely everyone knows that one of the clips of the singer Yolki was completely filmed on the iPhone. But few people know that films are also shot on the iPhone, and the image transfer is no worse than a professional camera. For example, Arthur recommends watching TanGerine and Detour movies shot on iPhone 5.

According to Arthur, the most interesting video editing application is Pro Movie recorder. It will be most convenient to use it with a MacBook, but this application is also available on the iPhone. Pro Movie recorder is an application that gives you the same instrumentation as a DSLR camera. The plus of this application is that it provides incredible image stabilization, which will undoubtedly come in handy for everyone.

Also, Arthur did not hide his life hacks from everyone present. For example, applying a drop of water to an iPhone camera creates a macro lens effect that can be applied to a video. Future filmmakers were advised to purchase the most ordinary tripod, because with the help of it and a simple book, you can make smooth movements, creating a slider effect.

During the lecture, Arthur shared the secrets of post-production of the footage in Final Cut. He talked about color correction and the importance of sound during editing, and how sound can enhance the cinematic picture. I shared an interesting site where you can download a large number of sound effects. And, in general, I advised to make inquiries in English in order to get more useful information on English-language sites.

The re: Store Academy hosts open lectures twice a month. To attend the lecture, you must register on the re: Store website by clicking on the link We are also on social networks at and on the re: Store Academy YouTube channel.

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