LEGO Party: Building Whole Worlds

LEGO Party: Building Whole Worlds
LEGO Party: Building Whole Worlds
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Last Sunday, the Moscow LEGO Championship was held at the Fantasy Park entertainment center in Maryino. Yes, be surprised, but this constructor has its own fan club, its specialists, who are often seven to eight years old, their own competitions and their own records.

The works of the participants were exhibited at the championship site: equipment, buildings, models of people, whole installations with moving elements that cannot be conveyed by photography: a camel nodded, a Bedouin bent over the fire, an elephant raised and lowered a log, talked about something, swaying, the Japanese with a Japanese woman on the bridge, and looked into the mirror of the water of the pond, on which herons were hiding in the grass, the windows of houses were shining and the fire in the Lego campfire in the Bedouin parking lot flickered with diodes.

We have all heard that designers are called upon to develop children's motor skills - maybe so, and in contests for quick assembly, the winner was the one who quickly assembled more small models from a scattering of parts. Adults were not allowed to enter the contests, but many dads gladly joined the children on the huge free assembly area.

Designers develop not only motor skills, however, but also creativity of thinking. Yes, yes, because you need to have a solid imagination in order to misapply certain details and get new structures, figures, mechanisms. And make them move. And the festival participants, regardless of age, confirmed this.

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