Lego And Louis Vuitton Hybrid Bag

Lego And Louis Vuitton Hybrid Bag
Lego And Louis Vuitton Hybrid Bag

Were you fond of collecting constructors as a child or creating your own Lego creations? And if you can be called an ardent fan of the bags that are made in Louis Vuitton, then you will definitely like the idea that a designer named Chiu Keung from Hong Kong decided to share with the world.

This person is an active member of the Hong Kong Lego User Group. These Lego interpretations of Louis Vuitton's iconic handbags and wallets follow the creation of the Lego Olympic Village. Lego-Louis Vuitton women's hybrid bag

It is unlikely that something bulky and heavy will fit into the bag, perhaps only a credit card and a handkerchief will fit in it, but the idea is quite funny. It consists of square figures of a children's designer. The accessory handles are made in two versions: orange in the form of a spiral cord and light beige, consisting of separate Lego parts.

I wonder what happens if you accidentally drop such a bag on the floor? Wouldn't you have to assemble it piece by piece in the same way as Lego?

You can, of course, buy such a handbag just for fun and show it to your guests. But I doubt that aficionados of fashion accessories will take such a creation seriously and rush to snapping up a hybrid of Lego and Louis Vuitton in fashion boutiques. Rather, such a bag was created to pay tribute to famous brands. Well, it is worth noting that the designer with the hard-to-pronounce Korean name Chiu Keung did it well.

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