MARTINI ROSE - For The Most Fashionable, Especially For Blondes

MARTINI ROSE - For The Most Fashionable, Especially For Blondes
MARTINI ROSE - For The Most Fashionable, Especially For Blondes
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In May 2009, another premiere from MARTINI awaits us - semi-dry pink sparkling wine MARTINI ROSE. The most glamorous parties, the most stellar persons, the most stunning premieres - the release of MARTINI ROSE promises to be the main event of the new season. MARTINI ROSE has already conquered all the capitals of the world, becoming the favorite drink of foreign bohemians.

MARTINI ROSE was created especially for delicate and sophisticated young ladies. Of all the existing rosé sparkling wines, only MARTINI ROSE is semi-dry, which makes its taste especially soft and light. The MARTINI ROSE bouquet consists of the most current aromas - fruity notes of raspberry, strawberry, orange and peach, complemented by exquisite floral notes of violet and wild rose. The luxurious MARTINI ROSE blend is thought out to the smallest detail. MARTINI ROSE conquers from the very first sip, its grace and sensual femininity make this sparkling wine an indispensable accessory for social girls.

The unique taste of MARTINI ROSE is achieved through a combination of red and white grapes grown on the generous land of the provinces of Piedmont and Veneto. Only here the unique climate and the oldest traditions make it possible to grow unique grapes. In order to achieve the perfect combination of the classics of sparkling wines and the tenderness inherent in semi-dry wines, the best MARTINI winemakers have worked for several years. Their art ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬- is MARTINI ROSE - a masterpiece of winemaking in its own way. The sparkling pink color and lightness of MARTINI ROSE are the result of complex production processes. Mixing different grape varieties for rosé sparkling wines is a very subtle art in its own right. That is why gourmets all over the world appreciate the exquisite taste of pink sparkling wines, the most relevant and fashionable of which is now the only semi-dry wine MARTINI ROSE!

MARTINI ROSE is a drink of youth and romance, love and summer, freshness and novelty of sensations. It awakens feelings and leads to harmony, ideally complementing almost any dish, but MARTINI ROSE goes especially well with red berries such as strawberries and raspberries and savory cheeses. Traditionally, the time for rosé sparkling wines comes in spring, and the peak of their popularity comes in summer, when you can enjoy enjoying the sun, watching the play of bubbles in a glass with MARTINI ROSE.

The appearance of the luxurious MARTINI ROSE in Russia cannot be missed by any real fashionista, because this is the most important and most anticipated premiere of the upcoming spring-summer season!

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