Martini Presents: Italian Day At Russian Fashion Week

Martini Presents: Italian Day At Russian Fashion Week
Martini Presents: Italian Day At Russian Fashion Week
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On October 24, at the Russian Fashion Week, the Italian Day will take place, continuing the tradition of "foreign days" at RFW. The arrival of Italian designers at Russian Fashion Week marks the beginning of the Russian-Italian program of "fashion exchange", which was agreed in April 2005 by President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion Mario Boselli and General Producer of RFW Alexander Shumsky. The Italian Day at RFW is organized with the support of CamerNazionale dellModItaliana.

Before the screenings, the RFW Pavilion will host a press conference with the participation of Mario Boselli and the Italian Day designers. Press conference starts at 15.00

Romeo Gigli The

Italian Day opens the show of the Romeo Gigli men's and women's collections. Today a team of designers is working on this brand, however, they are trying to continue the line of the founder of the House, whose credo was to create things sophisticated, creative, graceful. In the presented collections, a special emphasis is placed on details: stitched brand abbreviations, exclusive prints, elegant, rare fabrics of different colors and moods. The show starts at 17.00.


Stefano Guerriero was born in Naples, grew up in Capri at a time when the island was a resort for the elite: Jacqueline Kennedy, Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn rested here. They were all feminine in different ways, but all were equally elegant and charming. Since then, Stefano has a clear understanding of the style: "The style for the one who creates it is an everyday exercise, it is a project that you work on constantly." Before Stefano Guerriero decided to open his own House, he worked with Gianni Versace and Alberta Feretti. The show starts at 18.00.


EXTE' strives to create the clothes of the future - here and now. From the first days of its foundation in 1997, the brand pays special attention to new modern fabrics, new forms and modern cut. The style of the brand is passion, energy and vitality: its designers accentuate graphics and strict geometric forms, striving to find new facets of the image of a modern person. In his works, EXTE 'primarily addresses the ultra-modern people and chooses the most daring methods of communication. For example, last summer, the EXTE 'brand held the first vertical fashion show in the history of fashion: models on a belay descended directly along a sheer wall. The show starts at 19.00.


This season the brand abandons trousers in favor of dresses, skirts - sometimes very short, and bustiers. This trend heralds a return to unconditional femininity, with Creative Director Anna Mazotti and designer Alessandro Del Aqua suggesting a return to the days when Rome was Ava Gardner's favorite city. Here the famous actress worked, fell in love and dressed with the most famous couturiers. The show starts at 20.00.

Pollini by Rifat Ozbek

Future clothing designer Rifat Ozbek studied architecture at the University of Liverpool: his parents did not approve of his son's hobby for fashion. As a result, the future star of Milan Week entered St. Martins, but his architectural education still has a noticeable influence on his work. In 2004, the Italian brand Pollini invited Rifat to the post of creative director - and the first collection of clothes by Rifat Ozbek was enthusiastically received by both critics and the public. The designer's new work for Pollini will be presented to RFW attendees. The show starts at 21.00.

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