Mattel's New Dads Play Barbie® Ad Campaign

Mattel's New Dads Play Barbie® Ad Campaign
Mattel's New Dads Play Barbie® Ad Campaign
Video: Mattel's New Dads Play Barbie® Ad Campaign
Video: Dads Who Play Barbie #DadsWhoPlayBarbie 2023, February

Today Mattel Corporation launched a new advertising campaign in Russia under the slogan “Dads play Barbie”, the purpose of which is to develop imagination and limitless creativity in every girl. The new commercials, featuring real dads playing Barbie® with their daughters, are a follow-up to the award-winning You Can Be Whoever You Want campaign, which takes a girl's journey to self-discovery through playing with Barbie®.

The ad campaign includes a 90-second mini-movie and three short teasers showing what happens when six different dads play Barbie® with their daughters. At the end of the video, the caption “By playing today, we are creating the future” appears, emphasizing that the participation of a dad in playing with his daughter contributes to her social, intellectual and emotional development in real life. As Dr. Linda Nielsen of Wake Forest University explains in her work, research over decades shows that girls who have a warm and trusting relationship with their fathers from early childhood suffer less from a lack of self-confidence and self-empowerment. adults.

“Over the past year, Barbie® has provided girls with a wide range of inspiring roles - from extravagant to feminist, princess to paleontologist,” said Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and general manager of Barbie. “As we illuminate the father-daughter relationship through play with Barbie, we continue to emphasize the importance of imagination and creativity in the girl’s journey towards self-discovery.”

This comprehensive campaign will receive extensive online and print advertising to bring dads the full benefits of playing Barbie with their daughters. The campaign will last for a year, with the aim of involving all the dads in our country #DadPlayinBarbie.

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