Little Barbie Princess Ball

Little Barbie Princess Ball
Little Barbie Princess Ball
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The first in Russia was the little princesses Barbie took place last Sunday at the Riviera shopping and entertainment center, turning it into the fabulous land of Dreamtopia. In this wonderful country, where magical princesses, fairies and mermaids live, children plunged into a world of fantasies that have come true in reality.

All the little princesses were greeted at the ball by the hosts of the ball - princesses of Dreamtopia. Shining Princess Barbie, Barbie Princess of the Forest, Barbie Rainbow Princess and Barbie Sugar Fairy showed girls and their mothers their wonderful worlds, in which they revealed the secrets of real princesses.

At the ball, each girl could create amazing jewelry for herself and her friends, take part in a fashion show, compete in magical contests, play with her favorite princesses and, of course, dance a real ballroom dance that Barbie herself taught!

For her little guests, Barbie prepared gifts and treats, and in memory of the splendor of the fabulous ball, all the girls and their mothers could take pictures in colorful photo zones.

“It is great happiness to see the children smile! For us, holding such an event is a new experience. And I think it is very successful. We want to make the “Ball of Little Barbie Princesses” traditional in Russia”- Andrey Savchenko, General Director of Mattel in Russia, shared his emotions after attending the event.

On the day of the ball, parents could purchase Barbie products at Detsky Mir with a 30% discount.

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