How To Unbutton A Bra In Two Cottons

How To Unbutton A Bra In Two Cottons
How To Unbutton A Bra In Two Cottons
Video: How To Unbutton A Bra In Two Cottons
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A romantic date, a candlelit dinner with your beloved, meaningful glances … This evening promises to be unforgettable. But all the intimacy, as always, is spoiled by the bra, which at the most crucial moment does not want to unbutton, despite all the efforts and persuasions. Now, if this wayward little thing burst open from the power of thought alone …

Now the age-old dilemma "how to unbutton a woman's bra" has found a conceptual solution. No, the clasp will not melt from the heat of a passionate gaze, but open the clasp with two claps - please.

The project of the original lingerie was developed by a designer with a familiar to our hearing last name Randy Sarafan (Randy Sarafan). The idea was borrowed from inventors from distant Syria. The country, which in the minds of most Americans is associated with Puritanism, is famous for its respect for the delicate items of women's wardrobe. It was there that the prototype of the “self-unbuttoning” bra was created, which surprised the designer so much. The sundress was fired up with the idea of ​​"throwing a bridge between the worlds of the West and the East" in the form of piquant lingerie. It took two whole years to transfer the project to fertile American soil.

The challenge lay in developing the simplest mechanism to use. After numerous unsuccessful experiments with bolts and large buttons, the designer came up with a "two-clap" system that works thanks to an electromagnetic fastener. How it looks in practice is shown in the video. The lingerie novelty was named Clap-Off Br, in honor of those very “saving” cottons.

The Clap-Off Br bra may not save lives, like a respirator bra, but it will definitely save a lot of nerves and find a lot of grateful admirers among men. Ladies, however, should remember that such underwear is far from the best solution for going to a concert or sports competition. Save it for special occasions …

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