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.. or a little about marketing in the sale of spirits

We have all noticed for a long time that the sellers of strong alcohol are constantly coming up with something to stimulate the purchase of their products. For a long time you can see on sale sets "whiskey" + "glass", "vodka" + "glasses", "beer" + "vodka" (I give an idea). The most creative space is found in the beverage industry, which serves as the basis for cocktails. The suppliers of the white rum BACARDI especially distinguished themselves in this field. At first, they completed the kits with a stick for kneading ingredients for mojito, then boxes with all the ingredients appeared on sale, and more recently BACARDI launched the final version - a ready-made mojito cocktail, where it is offered only to decorate a glass with a drink with a sprig of mint, a slice of lime and ice. I will not go into detailsthan a cocktail from BACARDI (about 900 rubles for 0.7 liters) differs from ABSENTER cocktails (40 rubles for 0.33 liters), but I really hope that in the BACARDI version everything is really real, without intensifiers and other superphosphates.

And quite recently my attention was attracted by the marketing ploy of Becherovka, which had never before "show off". In addition to a liter bottle of this tincture, there are also ice-glass molds! I have never seen anything like this before. This idea seemed to me very fresh and I decided to conduct an experiment, accompanied by a waste of about 800 rubles. "Glasses" with ice are obtained in the freezer after 4-5 hours, they are quite easy to remove from the mold and have a very tempting appearance. Then I made a number of mistakes that turned the experiment in the wrong direction. I did not put the tincture in the freezer and it was at room temperature. Naturally, after filling the glasses, it began to actively mix with the glasses themselves and after about 30 seconds broke through the bottom, spilling aromatic over the table. But I managed to do a photo shoot!Impressions from the taste of the liqueur in ice glasses are twofold. On the one hand, it is pleasant, on the other, it would be more comfortable to do it with a cold drink outside in winter.

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