Medoff Presents: New Year's "Screwdriver"

Medoff Presents: New Year's "Screwdriver"
Medoff Presents: New Year's "Screwdriver"
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Not a single New Year's table is complete without vodka and oranges - together with a decorated Christmas tree and a festive television show, they make up the main entourage of everyone's favorite holiday.

The Medoff trademark offers a special New Year's surprise for connoisseurs of cocktails based on a traditional Russian drink. Medoff has combined the two products to launch an exclusive new product, the Medoff Screwdriver, vodka-filled oranges.

The Medoff New Year's Screwdriver comes in retail frozen. The alcohol-soaked orange pulp is partially frozen and turns into soft ice. The cocktail contains a unique taste and aroma of orange peel essential oils that distinguish the taste of natural orange juice. Delicate aroma, softness and deep long-lasting aftertaste of the product is achieved due to the original recipe and natural substances.

Medoff Frozen Oranges are free of aromas and other chemical components. This technology determines not only a peculiar taste, but also the preservation of useful properties and microelements. Like many fruits, Medoff Oranges stimulate digestion as they contain organic acids. In addition, they will remind you of summer on cold winter days, giving you the taste of an exotic fruit. Medoff oranges will be produced in 4 varieties - by the number of vodka varieties: Medoff Original Screwdriver, Medoff Classic Screwdriver, Medoff Royal Screwdriver, and Medoff Wild Honey Screwdriver.

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