Fashionable Children's Boots

Fashionable Children's Boots
Fashionable Children's Boots
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Young children go out with their parents or nannies at least twice a day. Even in winter. Parents are worried that their child would freeze and get sick. Pediatricians do not recommend wrapping up the child unnecessarily, the main thing is that the legs are warm. How to find out if a child's feet are cold in winter? And if he still can't speak?

Personally, I buy felt boots for my child. Whatever shoes we tried to wear in winter - both boots with fur, and the vaunted Finnish boots … And all the same, the child's feet became cold after a walk. Until they bought children's boots. Both my daughter and I put on felt boots on the street, starting in November. Walking with the child, I was convinced from my own experience that the feet do not freeze in well-knotted felt boots. And I must admit that I belong to the category of frost. Even when the baby did not know how to walk and sat in a stroller, her feet in felt boots remained warm.

The advantage of self-rollers is that they are 100% natural wool and retain heat. In addition, children's felt boots with an instep support do not deform the leg, on the contrary, they sit down and trample on the leg, ensuring the correct gait. Felt boots are easy to put on on the foot, and this is important for children's shoes, because it should be as comfortable for a child to put on shoes as possible. Handmade children's felt boots, which we sell, are almost weightless - no more than 100 grams. In our online store you can purchase different models of children's boots at the manufacturer's price. Blue, red, gray, black, green, with or without embroidery, and even with galoshes - your children will enjoy handmade colored felt boots. And parents will enjoy the health of their children, which we sincerely wish you.

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