Denis Simachёv: Master Of Chukotka By The Kindness Of Chukotka

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Denis Simachёv: Master Of Chukotka By The Kindness Of Chukotka
Denis Simachёv: Master Of Chukotka By The Kindness Of Chukotka
Video: Denis Simachёv: Master Of Chukotka By The Kindness Of Chukotka
Video: DENIS SIMACHЁV Чукотка 2023, February

On April 11, Denis Simachёv, with the support of the Russian VOGUE, presents a show of men's and women's fall-winter 2006 collection at the Chelse club (London). The show is timed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous football club.

men's prêt-a-porter

fall-winter 2006/07 collection

Master of Chukotka Grasping moss and lichens with frostbitten fingers, running away from wolves, polar bears and wild polar explorers, they go to the End of the Earth … new heroes of Chukotka. In their hearts they are inveterate dandies, but the climate of the Far North dictates their own style …

Fleeing from the cold, they put on the first thing they come across, without knowing what size it is: hyper-volume sweaters are over jackets and jackets, wolf and fox fur coats sweep the floor, and Alaska jackets are clearly taken off someone else's shoulder. They have to observe the strictest dress code - the Chukchi one. Therefore, they sew knitted cuffs on classic single-breasted jackets and trousers. Their old clothes were worn out to the holes, their hand-knitted sweaters sat down from frequent washings, and many things were hastily sewn by an inept hand from pieces of old fabric. The new heroes of Chukotka are more likely to part with their lives than with their "Alaska" jackets - with buttons in the form of fangs, rope loops and hoods trimmed with fur. They do not throw away old jackets, but carefully rip them open in order to use all the remaining parts.So the hood turns into an independent headdress, the blue alaska pocket is carefully transplanted from the sleeve of the jacket to the sleeve of the shirt, and the triangular leather fasteners for the pockets are transferred to trousers and jackets.

Jeans with a Khokhloma pattern, trousers with stripes on the inside of the legs, red tracksuits, crimson jackets and prints in the form of gold chains on T-shirts look exotic in these latitudes, but which you cannot wear to keep warm. An English woolen coat, a classic cardigan turned into a coat, oversized sweatshirts, and repainted leather trousers are also used. Raising their collars and turning their heads away from the wind, they walk without making out the road. Perhaps some of them are Chukchi, and some are new Russian … But the piercing wind and snow do not care about this.

Accessories and footwear:

High boots, felt boots, black leather boots, huge hats with earflaps, fur mittens.


Red campfire tongues, black coals, dirty green moss and blue and white arctic desert.


wolf and fox fur, raincoat fabric, knitted jersey, thick wool, felt, cotton, jeans.

women's prêt-a-porter

fall-winter 2006/07 collection

By the kindness of the Chukchi … Trying to warm the chilled palms with their breath, falling into the snowdrifts, sharing the last crumbs with hungry squirrels, rosy-cheeked, strewn with snowflakes and spruce needles, they go, not knowing fear, towards their heroes of Chukotka.

At first glance, the cold has deprived them of any elegance, but even a 50-degree frost is not able to cope with a woman's desire to remain beautiful. Their clothes look too fancy in unsightly terrain and remind of the days when these rural teachers cheerfully hurried home from school, not knowing what tests fate was preparing for them.

Colors: The

piercing blue of the horizon; blue shadows in the snow; red reflections of the fire; gray-black polar night; unnatural northern greens; frosty Khokholoma, Pavlovo-Posad Gzhel ornaments.


Fur of a fox, raccoon, arctic fox; suede, tanned leather; raincoat fabric, bologna; dense and fine wool; cotton and woolen knitwear, Pavlo Posad shawls; cotton, coarse calico; silk, chiffon.


Multi-layered, multi-textured: sheepskin coats with a Gzhel pattern; Alaska and sleeveless jackets with large hoods made of tinted Pavlovo Posad shawls; an overcoat made of dense "emery" wool; light knitted coat; openwork sweaters knitted from fine woolen yarn; low-waisted silk dresses to the middle of the knee; long dresses made of combined fabrics: harsh coarse calico with wool, chiffon with silk; knitted dresses; silk, wool, suede skirts; jackets from Pavlovo-Posad shawls, fitted, with a wide neck, on one button, year-skirts made of fine wool, A-line skirts from tinted Pavlovo Posad shawls; trousers - harem pants with a fit on the hips from Pavlovo Posad shawls and mixed fabrics, trousers made of fine wool with leather stripes.

Accessories and footwear:

Black and red high fur boots from polar fox fur; black, red, beige suede boots with a gold zipper at the back; black suede shoes with an open heel with a strap; matryoshka bag made of black suede with a red leather handle in three sizes; fox hats with long "ears"; glasses; thin leather belts of light green, red, black colors.

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