Vladimir Zhirinovsky Will Parade In Felt Boots

Vladimir Zhirinovsky Will Parade In Felt Boots
Vladimir Zhirinovsky Will Parade In Felt Boots
Video: Vladimir Zhirinovsky Will Parade In Felt Boots
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Tomorrow, December 15 at 12:30, at 57 Pav. VVC will host the opening ceremony of the Valenki All-Russian festival-show within the framework of the Buy Russian Interindustry Exhibition.

We are talking about felt boots not just as traditional Russian footwear, but as a Russian national idea. From this perspective, the content of the festival is also filled with cultural and political implications: this is another step towards the revival of Russia. The social and political idea of ​​the festival also determines the composition of the participants in the opening ceremony: not only famous artists and performers - Bari Alibasov, the Fedorino Gore show group, but also politicians and other public figures, including Vladimir Zhirinovsky, will parade with pleasure in felt boots.

The couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev also supported the Valenki festival, believing that Russian traditions are an inexhaustible source of creativity. “Of course, we do not call to dress exclusively in a sheepskin coat and felt boots. Ardent love for the homeland does not have to be demonstrated in a hat with earflaps and with a balalaika in hand. I just want to remind once again that our country has something to be proud of. Valenki including ", - he thinks.

The Buy Russian exhibition has been demonstrating the best products of domestic manufacturers for many years now, embodying the idea of ​​commodity patriotism. The grandiose festival-show `VALENKI`, which will be held within the framework of the exhibition, promises to be interesting and spectacular, slightly ironic and life-affirming, embodying the spirit of Russian popular print culture, the joy of fairground fun.

The exhibition will bring together the best domestic manufacturers of felt products. Already today the festival-review "Valenki" has caused a wide public outcry: the contests of amateur photographs and ditties about boots, held within its framework, have gathered participants from different parts of Russia.

Up-to-date information about the exhibition on the website www.pokupayte.ru

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