10 Creative Ways To Use Your Tie

10 Creative Ways To Use Your Tie
10 Creative Ways To Use Your Tie
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For centuries, the tie has been a symbol of elegance as well as a sign of respect for etiquette. But the British Prime Minister no longer liked ties, and today the British authorities are talking about abolishing the tie as an obligatory element of clothing for civil servants. Sir Andrew Turnbil, the cabinet secretary, made it clear that government officials would soon be able to stop wearing ties at work.

Of course, this is favored by Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is also not a big fan of formal dress code. It is known that at the receptions that Blair hosts at his residence at 10 Downing Street, many invitees come without ties. At the Christmas party, Blair's children wore their shirts outside, another sign of the 'dress revolution' among the British establishment. Before Blair became Labor leader, previous Labor leaders would rather die than see their children in public without ties. Now, past ideals have been rejected.

My 80-year-old father recalls that as a child he was forced to wear a tie when he went to church. Now, when he goes to church with me and his grandchildren, which he has been attending for over 40 years, he no longer puts on a formal suit and tie. Today, no ties are worn and participants in many official events - for example, at a dinner that was hosted this week at the headquarters of the British company Conde Nast, half of the men present were without ties.

At first, people began to give up the tuxedo. Then, in the 90s, many screen stars stopped wearing a tie at the Oscars. Now many men are wary of wearing ties. They think that if they wear ties too often, they might be mistaken for old-fashioned people or conformists.

At all times, there were artists and writers who did not recognize ties. For example, the 18th century playwright Harold Pinter refused to wear a tie at official events and preferred to dine somewhere in a bar than in a gentlemen's club, which was not allowed without a tie. The famous artist Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud, wore a silk scarf casually tied around his neck instead of a tie.

I love the idea of ​​modern dressing where people give up the tie. In the meantime, you don't have to throw away your old tie, as there are 10 good options for using it:

1. Headband. Make a headband out of the tie, as Mark Knopfler, former Dire Straits singer, wears. Then you can pick up your guitar and play something - you are guaranteed a good mood.

2. Lasso. Tie your ties together and make a lasso out of them. Who knows, maybe you can catch a wild animal with it. Or a bundle of ties can help you get out of the maze - in case you find yourself in such a maze.

3. Rope. Have you ever thought about making a rope out of ties and using it for an anchor?

4. `Tongue of a lizard`. Roll the tie into a roll and put it in your mouth. Then `shoot` this roll at a passing fly, as a lizard does. I bet your friends will be surprised.

5. Warehouse. You can use a tie to store anything long and thin - cassettes, candy, etc.

6. Accessory for striptease performance. Women will not need to rack their brains over what clothes to choose for a striptease.

7. Armband at charity events. Write with a felt-tip pen on your tie, “Let's Get Rid of Poverty”, wrap the tie around your arm like a bandage, and collect donations.

8. For bondage during sado-masochistic games. Why spend money buying accessories at a sex shop when you can use your tie for sado-masochistic play?

9. Measuring tape. Measuring various objects with a tie will be even more fun.

10. Large macrame. Imagine how wonderful macrame would look if it increased significantly in size. Make this macrame out of your ties.


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