Pavel Elion Is Not Only Ties

Pavel Elion Is Not Only Ties
Pavel Elion Is Not Only Ties
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Designer Pavel Elayon is so far known only to a narrow audience of Moscow fashionistas and informal bearers of style. But, apparently, the recognition of clients rather successfully feeds the creative ambitions of the fashion designer, who embodies his ideas one after another. The art project "GALSTUKI", the creative director of which he is, did not make a lot of noise in December 2002, but they started talking about the designer.

The main idea - “a tie is not only a stylish accessory, but also a work of art, a collectible”, was supported by the famous artist and restaurateur Andrey Bilzho, who was one of the first to present his author's accessories to the project. The presentation of the project "TIES" to the general public took place in the "Major Pronin" club.

The second exhibition, which took place in February at the MuHa art club, not only brought together numerous friends and clients of the designer, but also attracted the attention of the fashion press. The rarities were shown at the catwalk, adding to the exclusive collection that Elion has been creating for 2 years. In addition to the designer's own neckties, it includes works of authorship by Violetta Litvinova, Lyuda Dobrokhotova, Georgy Baratashvili, ties by Barry Alibasov, Yevgeny Khavtan, Nikolai Drozdov and Yevgeny Petrosyan, a passionate admirer of ties.

Shows of the collection "TIES" will be held regularly. But the designer is not limited to this. In early September, the website, a web-project of Pavel Elion, will open. And on September 13, the 4 Rooms club will host a party, the central link of which will be a demonstration of a collection of T-shirts and accessories created by the designer last summer.

According to Elion, the fall after such a "hot" summer will be just cool.

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