Team Update And Rebranding Of Polyakov Couture

Team Update And Rebranding Of Polyakov Couture
Team Update And Rebranding Of Polyakov Couture
Video: Team Update And Rebranding Of Polyakov Couture
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After five years of development in Moscow, the designer of handmade headwear Sergey Polyakov renews the team and carries out a rebranding. A new page in the history of Polyakov Couture has opened thanks to an investor who entered the project in the spring.

In May, it became known that the famous fashion photographer Philippe Jean-Pierre Ndzana became interested in the designer's business, who approached Sergei Polyakov in early 2017 with an investment proposal. The result of the negotiations was the search for a new brand team, the opening of a workshop and showroom Polyakov Couture, as well as the development of a development strategy for several years.

Sergey Polyakov: “Philip is a talented photographer, producer, and now an investor. I am grateful to him and the whole team for this joint step, perhaps the most important in my life."

Philippe Jean-Pierre Ndzana: “Sergei Polyakov is a strong artist. I am glad to make efforts to develop his brand, I am sure we will be able to reach a new level soon enough”.

An experienced marketer Dmitry Khorunzhiy, who had previously successfully collaborated with such companies and brands as UralSib, Global Child Group and Eugenie Fiere, was invited to the project as a brand director.

Dmitry Khorunzhiy: “The independent marketing agency Hkorunzhiy_MBCD estimated the value of the business and the capital of the Polyakov brand at 3.5 million rubles. As a result of the decision to attract investments in the amount of 50% of the business value, the project team was expanded and new resources were attracted. Also, the process of rebranding and reorientation to the “expensive” segment market has started by expanding product positions in three price niches: premium, luxe and hyper luxe”.

The official press agent of the Polyakov Couture brand is the fashion company Real Profit Group, which has been providing press support for Russian designer brands since 2009, has experience in holding a fashion festival at Flacon and launching its own PR showroom in Moscow, as well as being a press service of the CPM-Collection Premiere Moscow exhibition since 2013.

In the near future Polyakov Couture plans to take part in the annual Monte-Carlo radio races in Moscow, present the wedding line of exclusive Polyakov Wedding hats, show the collection at one of the leading international industry exhibitions in August, as well as actively develop the online and offline distribution network until the end of 2017 of the year.

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