Pasotti Umbrellas - Beauty Inside

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Pasotti Umbrellas - Beauty Inside
Pasotti Umbrellas - Beauty Inside
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The new collection of Pasotti umbrellas reflects the nature of a real lady: the outside is simple and elegant, the inside is colorful and interesting. Bright prints are applied to the inner side of the umbrellas, making them a little selfish - such a pattern is visible first of all to the owner, raising the spirits on a rainy day.

About the brand:

The family company Pasotti was founded in Italy in 1956; it was founded by Ernest Pasotti, who created amazing models of umbrellas that were not at all like mass production. Her husband Vittorio handled the financial side, and her daughter Eva helped distribute the products. Gradually, from a modest workshop, the company turned into a large enterprise.

Today the company is run by the second and third generation of the family. In the age of globalization, the company strived to preserve its original style and impeccable Italian quality, therefore Pasotti produces no more than 30 thousand models per year, which are sold in boutiques in more than 55 countries. The brand's archives contain a huge number of models of various styles with various details and designs.

In addition to materials and design, Pasotti pays attention to the design of umbrella handles and finishes, such as the use of Swarovski crystals or hand embroidery. The result is truly exclusive and inimitable models, Made in Italy accessories that will complement any look.

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