The First ECCO Press Day In Russia Took Place In Moscow

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The First ECCO Press Day In Russia Took Place In Moscow
The First ECCO Press Day In Russia Took Place In Moscow
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On June 7, a comfortable river liner "Crocus" departed from the Andreevsky pier, on which ECCO held its first press day for journalists of fashion magazines.

During the trip, the journalists took part in a master class on decorating ECCO children's shoes. This author's collection will be donated to the Sozidanie Charitable Foundation. Also, Moscow was visited by the chief designer of the women's shoe line, Niki Taestensen, who noted the desire of the ECCO brand to make high-heeled shoes truly comfortable. Then Nicky told reporters about the features of this line - ECCO® Sculptured 65.


Niki Taestensen

We bring to your attention the official release:

In 2012 ECCO presents the ultimate high heel collection, created especially for women for whom style has a special meaning. The models of the new collection are appropriate at any time, in any place and fit any look. A true breakthrough in fashion shoe technology, the ECCO® Sculptured 65 features a 6.5cm heel, designed for ultimate all-day comfort. The latest heel shoe study shows that most women prefer heels because they want to look more elegant. At the same time, women admit that they would wear heels more often if such shoes were more comfortable.

According to a recently published report, most women love high heels, but admit that the shoe lacks comfort and versatility to wear it as often as desired. The new ECCO® Sculptured 65 line removes these limitations: comfortable and stylish pieces are the perfect complement to your everyday, office or evening look. The new combination of sexuality and absolute comfort all day long heralds a truly evolutionary breakthrough in the shoe industry.

Since its founding almost half a century ago, ECCO, one of the largest Scandinavian companies, has remained true to its most important mission: to create shoes that are stylish and comfortable at the same time. With the launch of the comfortable and stylish ECCO® Sculptured 65 line, ECCO introduces shoes and boots with 6.5 cm heels, making the company the undisputed leader in this category.

Starting a real evolution in the design of high heels, ECCO® Sculptured provides women around the world with a unique opportunity to not only look impeccable, but also feel comfortable all day long without losing a smile and a radiant look in the evening. Quite simply, ECCO® Sculptured 65 is a new line of comfortable footwear that combines glamor and style - without compromise. The absolute culmination of technology and fashion, ECCO® Sculptured 65 will be your little secret, helping you reach new heights and success.

70% of women wear high heels to look more elegant

In a recent independent study, ECCO asked about 2,500 women around the world why they wear high heels. 70% of respondents said that they wear high heels, as such shoes make the image more elegant; at the same time, 63% admitted that they would wear heels more often if the models were more comfortable and appropriate in different situations.

ECCO® Sculptured 65 Technology

The ECCO company, known all over the world for its “comfort” technologies, has been conducting research for several years in order to understand how a high heel can be made comfortable. The DIP technology used in the ECCO® Sculptured 65 line, i.e. Directly injected polyurethane has been used for a number of years in the production of casual footwear. DIP technology allows you to connect the upper and the sole without the use of glue. At the same time, the polyurethane fills the void between the upper part and the sole, connecting them to each other. More efficient and reliable than traditional technology, DIP also makes every pair of shoes highly flexible and provides excellent cushioning properties.

Take advantage of the results of evolution in the summer of 2012

The ECCO® Sculptured 65 line will hit stores in June 2012; the collection will feature shoes, boots and ankle boots. The models will be available in various shades, leather and lacquer options. Each pair of shoes has a molded polyurethane sole and extra-soft insoles that adapt to the peculiarities of the structure of their owner's foot. Cloth lining, leather insole covered with ECCO® Comfort Fiber System and moisture-wicking circulation system ensure a comfortable and hygienic environment all day long. The ECCO® Sculptured 65 line will be available in sizes 35-42.

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