How To Walk In Platform Shoes

How To Walk In Platform Shoes
How To Walk In Platform Shoes
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Since a few seasons ago, fashion designers suddenly recalled the disco style of the seventies, platform shoes have not lost their popularity: shoes with high heels and an equally high platform have long received a "permanent residence" in designer collections and, it seems, are not going to go into the shadows. Meanwhile, learning to walk beautifully in platform shoes is a real art: the higher the platform and heel, the more wobbly, unstable any platform shoes become.

  • It is best to learn to walk in platform shoes in "training" shoes - on a low platform in order to get used to the new height and try not to "slip" out of the shoes.
  • Practice walking in your shoes on the platform first at home, and only then learn to overcome uneven surfaces on a dizzyingly high platform: linoleum, parquet, asphalt, grass - surfaces are completely different, and you will have to get used to each of them separately. And the first "workouts" of a beautiful gait in platform shoes will help not only to get used to the surface, but also to strengthen the ankle muscles - this is absolutely necessary in order to confidently walk in platform shoes.
  • When practicing to walk in platform shoes, take short steps, place your feet as close to each other as possible, and move slowly and smoothly. When taking a step, first place your heel on the floor, and then smoothly transfer your weight to your toe.
  • The key to a beautiful gait in platform shoes is the correct posture: straighten your back, put your shoulders back a little, chin a little up. Correct posture not only helps you look confident, but also helps balance changes in center of gravity when walking in platform shoes.

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