A Man In A Kilt Is A Man And A Half

A Man In A Kilt Is A Man And A Half
A Man In A Kilt Is A Man And A Half
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- Welcome to the only place in Yekaterinburg where women wear trousers and men wear skirts

Actually, in the homeland of the kilt, in Scotland, it is not customary to call it that. Therefore, I do not advise tourists in some Edinburgh pub to ask where you guys in skirts are. But we are in the Yekaterinburg pub and the men in kilts are very friendly here.

Sergey Korkin: “I had to wear a skirt here for the first time, before that I had not worn a skirt. Literally 2 weeks later, I began to feel comfortable. I like to work even more in a skirt than in trousers."

Sergey was already able to fully appreciate all the advantages of a kilt over traditional men's clothing. No wonder the Scots say: "A man in a kilt is a man and a half." Thus, in front of you is one and a half Sergei.

Nothing hinders your movements and you walk around for yourself. Just as the Scottish warriors walked around, after all, they went to war in kilts, so that it would be convenient to chase the enemy and run away, in which case, nothing would interfere.

It is worth noting that how many clans - so many trtans, that is, the materials from which kilts are sewn. Each genus has its own specific color range and cell size. Therefore, a kilt is still a handy business card. However, kilts also have a drawback - the absence of pockets. Therefore, men wear a special handbag on their belts - sporran.

Igor plays the bagpipes and wears a kilt for only a month, but he says that Scottish clothes and instruments are already hopelessly close to his Russian soul.

From a physical point of view, playing the bagpipes is very difficult, because it is not necessary to constantly blow air. This requires a lot of stress from the musician. Therefore, it is most convenient to play music in a kilt - it is not hot in us.

And, finally, the most sensitive question - what do men have UNDER a kilt. From the point of view of historical plausibility, the answer is unequivocal - nothing. After all, underwear in Europe appeared much later than kilts. However, nowadays, for brave Scottish (and not only) guys there is a restrictive rule: you still need to wear underwear under the kilt. If its owner participates in sports competitions, dances or is in a society where women are present. Under other circumstances, a man is free to decide for himself whether to wear something under the kilt. But in any case, whatever is under the kilt, it must be in perfect order. You understand - winds, drafts …

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