New Collection SS'20 Of The Brand "TWO MYACHA"

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New Collection SS'20 Of The Brand "TWO MYACHA"
New Collection SS'20 Of The Brand "TWO MYACHA"

The Two Balls sneakers are an excellent example of preserving and maintaining traditions. The iconic Soviet brand was revived in modern Russia and retained the charm of “those very Soviet sneakers”.

All models produced today are made from high quality materials, with particular attention to detail. Manufacturers resort to stitching-hot vulcanization, which is almost never used now, and the logo on the sole is painted exclusively by hand. Soviet sneakers were made so high quality that in modern models they globally replaced only the traditional insole with a modern anatomical one, leaving the appearance and construction of the shoe unchanged. This is what provides comfort and allows sneakers to last for many seasons.

True to its traditions, the “Two Balls” in the new SS20 collection, in addition to the re-edition of the classic models and colors, adds several new products that refer us to the urban culture of Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai:

The black sneakers model 1971-05 with a light gray logo on the sole is a nod to the Japanese avant-garde of the middle of the last century.

The three new colors of the 1976 low model (red, olive and dark gray) are a reflection of Asian metropolises, which are in perpetual motion and, at the same time, as if frozen in eternity.


About the brand "TWO MYACHA"

In the 70-80s. sportsmen, musicians, fashionistas and just people who appreciated good quality footwear dreamed about the “TWO BALL” sneakers. At that time, there were many domestic counterparts, but the brand's sneakers were stronger and more interesting in design. Products "TWO BALL" were produced in the fraternal PRC. This was the first case of such cooperation between the USSR and the Celestial Empire. In 2016, the brand was revived, carefully preserving its values. We revived the classic models, improving their quality and convenience by an order of magnitude. Today “TWO BALL” reminds of the country's heritage and prompts a rethinking of the past in modern realities.

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