Soviet Sneakers Are Back On The Shelves

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Soviet Sneakers Are Back On The Shelves
Soviet Sneakers Are Back On The Shelves

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On March 25, a crowdfunding * project starts in Runet, reviving the production of the legendary Soviet sneakers "TWO MYACHA" and the sneakers produced in accordance with GOST USSR 9155-88 -

The goal of the project is to raise funds for the production of iconic footwear from the Soviet 70s. Together we can revive the most stylish legend of the USSR and become its first owners!

Sneakers "TWO BALL"

Gym shoes became widespread in the USSR after the Sixth World Festival of Youth and Students, which was held in the USSR in 1957. The Czech shoes and sandals, tired of everyone, were forgotten and by the mid-1960s, the overwhelming majority of Soviet youth wore sneakers. At the same time, the first GOST No. 9155-88 "Rubber and rubber-textile sports footwear" appeared

Since then, sneakers have flooded sporting goods stores, gyms and informal dance floors. The “TWO BALL” sneakers were considered special chic. They were made in China and, strange as it sounds today, were of the highest quality. On the “TWO BALL” sneakers there was a thicker sole painted in green, and on the “bone” there was a rubber “blotch” with the image of two football and basketball balls.

Today, young men and women are putting on sneakers again and, having caught the spirit of the times, young Moscow entrepreneurs bought out the retro-brand “TWO MYACHA”, delved into all the details of production and began to produce sneakers according to the age-old technologies. The company received the name "SOVIET GUMPS" and it produces the same Soviet sneakers in accordance with GOST 9155-88, as well as the "TWO BALL" sneakers. The production of Soviet sneakers is located in Russia at a factory with a 50-year history, the “TWO BALL” sneakers are made in China at the same plant and equipment as 40 years ago! What you can see is one hundred percent authentic TWO BALL sneakers made from original cotton and rubber on 1970s looms! On the very ones that our fathers and grandfathers used to wear. The creators of the project combine old, correct technologies for the production of sneakers with modern methods of attracting funding,such as crowdfunding * (public funding) on ​​the project page, you can already buy a pair of your favorite sneakers, support the project and become their first owners. What will come of this, we will find out on May 23 during the completion of this ambitious crowdfunding * project.

* Crowdfunding is translated from English as crowdfunding. The task of any crowdfunding project and its authors is to collect one hundred percent of the amount required to produce a product or implement an idea.

The participation of the project audience is the contribution of a certain amount to the project's piggy bank. This is not just a contribution, but a message that the idea of ​​the authors captivated a specific person and he would like to buy what the authors offer him. In fact, this fee is a pre-order of a product that will be made just for you. If, as a result, the project does not collect one hundred percent of the required online pre-order contributions, the money is returned to the participant's account and the project is not funded.

As a rule, there is a basic contribution amount equal to the cost of one product, there are amounts less than the cost (they imply a symbolic token of attention from the authors) and there are amounts of a larger denomination, which allow, in addition to the product, to receive interesting bonuses from authors related to the topic of the original project.

Basic remuneration for the participants of the SOVIET GYM SHOES project:

Amount 800 rubles - T-shirt with the TWO BALL logo (including delivery within Russia)

Amount 1000 rubles - Soviet sneakers made in accordance with GOST 9155-88 (including delivery within Russia)

Amount 1850 rubles - TWO BALL sneakers, model 1965 (including delivery in Russia)

The amount of 2000 rubles - Gym shoes "TWO BALL" model 1974 (including delivery in Russia)

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