Welcome To AFTERSHOCK Salon

Welcome To AFTERSHOCK Salon
Welcome To AFTERSHOCK Salon
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So, we arrived at the Tulskaya metro station, and before our gaze rises the majestic bulk of the Yerevan Plaza shopping and entertainment center. We go through the glass doors, go up the escalator to the second floor and head to the very center of “Yerevan Plaza”. You will definitely not miss our showroom J A bright showcase decorated in a fashionable orange and raspberry color scheme immediately attracts attention.

As soon as we step over the threshold, on our right hand there are bright festive collections of prom, evening and cocktail dresses, and on the left are rows of everyday, office and outerwear - but do not sigh doomed, expecting to see boring, dull models - this is in our salon absolutely not! Each model, even the most relaxed and casual, has a unique cut and “zest” that will definitely set you apart from the crowd on the most ordinary day.

Are your eyes already scattered?;) Would you like to try on this dress and that and that blouse? And does your companion or girlfriend sigh in resignation, realizing that this is not a quick process?;) They will be gladly taken into their arms by a soft and very comfortable sofa made of red leather - from this place of honor they will definitely see perfectly how you will parade from the fitting room to the well-lit mirrors.

Our sales assistants will take you to the spacious fitting room and help you change. Together with them, you will definitely be able to choose a complete and laconic image that suits you. All outfits are presented in our salon in limited quantities! And if you take into account that we have a huge collection of accessories - stoles, jewelry, handbags and clutches, then every time you get a unique image that perfectly suits your wishes and emphasizes your merits.

We are always glad to see you in our salon - we promise you will enjoy communicating with our consultants and you will definitely want to come back to us J

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